Hello.We are


… too young for yesterday's answers.

How does communication work in a world that’s always on?
Where today’s news is tomorrow’s yesterday? Where the half-life of knowledge is shrinking exponentially?
We don’t have all the answers either.But we have the right team to seek them out.
Bring your questions to us at Monaco Friends: Dominik Hecht and Hien-Phong Tang.
A digital full-service agency with all the flexibility of a startup and all the experience from years of brand management.
360° in our view, and creativity in our sights.


… a liason between digital and classic.

An idea is an idea is an idea. It doesn’t care where its impact lands. Loud or soft, large or small, digital or classic – all it has to do is work.
Why? Because form follows idea. The form can be anything from a glossy magazine to a user-generated social media campaign – provided it suits the idea. We bring digital and classic together in a liaison of equals.


… in an end to monomedia communication.

Communication isn’t a one-way street. So we take not one route, but many. And we’ll branch out along short cuts, back roads,
bridges and crosswalks if they’re right for your brand. We manage oncoming traffic with cool assurance and smoothly segue into the fast lane.
Sometimes taking the curves is the fastest route to success. We find that fastest route for you.
With media that can be multi, cross or trans – but never stays mono.